Love Is Not Rare - by RDSS Voices of Rare at The Purple Parade 2018

Families of RDSS came together on 27th October 2018 to be a voice for their children with rare disorders, singing Love Is Not Rare as one.

The story behind ‘Love Is Not Rare’

For 8 years up till the time Vera came along, I had stopped singing or songwriting. Then slowly, as I learnt to manage and appreciate the gift of her life, she helped me to find my inner voice and the singing and songwriting came back. 'Love Is Not Rare' is inspired by my life with Vera and other parent caregivers' love and dedication to their medically fragile child. Written in 2015, it took 3 years to see the light of day, as Vera fell very seriously ill in 2016. With her recovery, came the impetus to share this song.

It’s every time you fight on
through your darkest days
— 'love is not rare' by yin may

The story behind 'Make A Stand'

In 2014, seeing the senseless violence in Syria and its impact on innocent children, Michelle suggested that we bring to life an original song we'd entered for an inter-school songwriting competition when we were 16. It was written out of anger over the Gulf War back then. Decades have passed, but the words still ring painfully true today. Michelle arranged and produced it beautifully and changed the title to the much stronger 'Make A Stand'. Once again we came together, to make a stand through song.

We’ve come so far yet learnt so little
— 'make a stand' by yin may & michelle sgp